Trying Femara

Lovelies, I thought I would share with you my experience with Letrozole/Femara, which is now coming to an end. Not because I want to sing its praises, not because I want to crap all over it – but just so you can see for yourself the results, from someone with PCOS who’s been there.

My first month on Femara was on 2.5mg dosage, days 2-6 of my cycle. It wasn’t enough – my oestradiol level on CD 14 was still way too low to cause ovulation.

So the next cycle, my specialist upped my to 5mg dosage, the same days. Oh! The miracle of miracles. I had a 28 day cycle, ovulating on CD15 – something I don’t think I’d ever experienced in my life. And all that with only very limited side effects, some hot flushes and dizziness here and there.

And then the next month – another miraculous 28 day cycle. I’ve got this, I thought. I’ll be pregnant in no time now that my eggs are coming! This is all that we needed, and now that it’s happening there’s NOTHING stopping us. The excitement in the air was palpable. I felt filled with renewed hope and optimism. My hubby felt it as well. We both relaxed. We were on holidays on my second cycle and I thought for sure I’d fall pregnant – why not after all? I was SO relaxed, I was ovulating on time… but then. BFN, BFN, and BAM the witch arrived.

Ok, not the end of the world. I had my specialist appointment and she recommended now that my cycles were on track we continue to try with Femara on the same dosage for another 6 months, then come back to see her. So we did. We tried, and tried. And some days, it really felt like the universe was conspiring against us. One month, my cycle was delayed by 5 days, so I ovulated on CD20. My husband was away for work CD 19-21. We missed catching the egg.

Oh well, I thought. Next month, DH will be away CD 14-17, so at least if it’s late again we won’t miss it. But no… that month, ovulation arrived right on time, CD15, smack bang in the middle of DH’s work travel.

Still, I thought, we have next month! And what luck, DH is not travelling for work at all. And then I got food poisoning on CD19, and my O did not come on CD15, it came on CD20, when I was still too sick from the food poisoning to be in any position for BD.

And on, and on it went, the bad luck, the bad timing, and then it got worse. My O-date started to drift later and later. Until this most recent cycle, when my O date was not until CD24, if indeed it happened at all. Meaning DH and I missed it, as I had never o’d that late before, so our impressive BD schedule, from CD9-CD22 with only 1 or 2 days missed, was impressively useless.

And then I saw my specialist, and she recommended we start IUI with ovulation induction, and told me not to worry about increasing the Femara dosage but there was ‘no reason I couldn’t get pregnant’ now. So that is the end of my Femara not-quite-fairytale. I am currently on my last cycle of Femara before our next appointment in a week’s time, and I went ahead and increased it to 7.5mg (why the hell not?), so there’s still one last chance for a miracle…wish us luck!




3 thoughts on “Trying Femara

  1. Good luck! It sounds like it’s at least doing its job for you. Timing is everything and it can be REALLY tough if you have to be physically apart. I’ve been on letrozole for four months now and it didn’t really do much of anything to help me ovulate. My doctor added in injectables for that and TBH, I’m not quite sure why I’m still on the letrozole. But I can’t imagine it’s hurting anything, and I don’t want to mess with what is very clearly a fragile system, so we’ll keep on keeping on!


    1. Thanks! Good luck with the injectable, I’ll very likely be joining you in those soon. How have you found the side effects? Are you just doing the one trigger shot each cycle?


      1. I noticed two minor side effects. I broke out a little on my face when I first started the Gonal-F pen, but it wasn’t too bad. I did get pretty bloated after a couple of days with the pen, but it was never painful.

        And yes, just one trigger shot, once I’ve got a follicle measuring big enough.


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