What’s happening today…

Hey hey world!

So in my first post, I went back to the very beginning of this experience for me. And I will continue to go back and relive some of those early days, but for now I wanted to give an update on where I am right now, today.

This is my current obsession. I’ve been through it so many times before – the cycle of trying, from the first BFN, I enter an insane realm of denial where I excessively google how many DPO people were at when they first got their BFP, or look at HCG charts by days after implantation, to try and convince myself that there is still a chance.

Which is the crazy spiral I find myself in at the moment. I am usually around a 35 day cycle, and even with the PCOS I have found that my AF always arrives around 11 DPO. (Based on our almost 10 months of actively TTC)

I am not temping, so there is no way to know for sure, but based on OPK, left side cramping, and my CM a few weeks ago & ever since, I’m pretty sure I’m currently around 20-21 DPO – & if so, Hubby & I BD’d about 5 times in the fertile window. Either that, or I’ve totally missed my O this cycle.

But every. Single. Test. Is a BFN!! Super clear – and I am using FMU & FRER. I don’t have any AF symptoms at all yet. My bbs usually start to hurt almost a week prior to her arrival, I get some spotting in the couple of days before, my CM turns yellowish (this blog is just going to be full of TMI) – none of which had happened yet. I have a specialist appt next Monday anyway, so now I’m stuck wondering & waiting.

What do you think – do I try to see a GP earlier than that? Do I wait & see what happens with AF? Do I talk to the specialist? DH has to head to the GP this w/e anyway to get the results of his tests.

Logical LAS says that it’s completely irrational to think we’re still in with a chance this cycle, but hopeful LAS is starting to thinking maybe there’s a chance.

Will keep you updated either way in case this helps anyone else out there!




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